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The Tumblr RPing community's residing Dane.

My nicknames are many and very different, but I usually go by Matantei or just Tei.

Fan of whatever rocks my boat, although mostly manga and anime.

If you haven't already guessed by now, this is a multifandom blog. I post whatever I like really, whatever catches my fancy, whether it be anime, manga, cosplay, TV shows, games etc.
Favorite [Shounen] Manga - 3 /10 (alphabetical order)
↳ Fullmetal Alchemist by ARAKAWA Hiromu

one edit per chapter: Chapter 43 - Introducing Sanji



  • Yahaba Shigeru: Kawanishi Kengo (河西健吾)
  • Hanamaki Takahiro: Sakurai Tooru (櫻井トオル)
  • Matsukawa Issei: Yuusen Isamu (祐仙勇)
  • Watari Shinji: Arthur Lounsbery (ランズベリー・アーサー)

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フォロワー?ファン?が100人超えてましたありがとうございます;; THANK YOU !!

That's my A-drei... I knew you'd be tough!
I knew you'd be the best... You're so cool...!
Durarara OP 1

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Hiromi Nase & Akihito Kanbara  Kyoukai no Kanata

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Smile maki-chan!!


Film Meme - (1/10) Films - The Iron Giant (directed by Brad Bird)

Look, it’s none of my business, but who cares what these creeps think of you? They don’t make you what you are, you do. You are who you choose to be.