Piece of Cake
This is a personal blog.

The Tumblr RPing community's residing Dane.

My nicknames are many and very different, but I usually go by Matantei or just Tei.

Fan of whatever rocks my boat, although mostly manga and anime.

If you haven't already guessed by now, this is a multifandom blog. I post whatever I like really, whatever catches my fancy, whether it be anime, manga, cosplay, TV shows, games etc.

Favourite anime 5/?

Cowboy Bebop

"Have you heard this story? A man injures his leg during a hunt. He’s in the middle of the Savannah. No means to treat the wound, the leg rots and death approaches. Last minute, he’s picked up by an airplane, he looks down and sees a land of pure white below him. Glistening in the light. It’s the summit of a snowcap mountain. The mountain is Kilimanjaro  As he gazes down he feels the life flowing out of him and he thinks "that was where I was headed…" I hate stories like that, Men only think about their past right before death, as if they were searching frantically for proof they were alive."